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Personal Branding

Shae Style Photography understands the importance of achieving images that are natural in style & approach. Facial expressions & body language within photos is vital in connecting you with your audience so they feel they can resonate with you. Allow yourself to be showcased in style across your variety of marketing platforms such as your website bio,[...]


Whether you're in the business of architecture, building, interior design, island resorts, hotels, retreats or Air B&B, you can trust Shae will provide exceptional service with quality results guaranteed. All images are meticulously retouched by a specialist to achieve stunning, professional HDR results.  All work is 100% guaranteed so rest assured, the [...]


Specialising in artistic black & white portraits since 1997, Shae creates unique images that capture genuine expression & beautiful form. With makeup artistry & hairstyling also completed by Shae, you can entrust your experience to be personalised and your results guaranteed. Three different looks are offered with each session from casual, sexy, [...]