Shae Giles greatly appreciates her largely successful photographic business spanning over 24 years in the Personal Branding Makeover industry. Shae’s loyal following of repeat business is a true testament of the genuine rapport she has built with each & every client over her expansive career.

Specialising in small business start ups & small business rebranding, Shae immerses herself with her personalised service, taking a genuine interest in supporting her clients small businesses to flourish. This is achieved through Shae’s vast knowledge & experience of how to authentically showcase each individuals small business style, workplace, product & personnel within in their particular field of expertise.

Each & every photoshoot is treated uniquely, receiving Shae’s 100% undivided attention for you to effectively showcase your unique brand through various online & print platforms.

Being a fellow small business owner herself, Shae has always prioritised ‘Quality over Quantity’ and takes the necessary time to ensure her clients are comfortable in order to achieve authentic, genuine expressions. Shae ensures each individual, final image is crafted to its best potential – in camera & in photoshop.  

Shae’s ability to personally complete every aspect of her business from the makeup artistry, professional photography & specialist retouching, is what allows Shae to offer her 100% product & service guarantee first timeevery time!