About Shae

Thank you for your interest in reading about me….Shae. I have the formal version below where a client has summarised my character & service better than I can, or you can start here with the plain yet authentic stuff. As a young girl I didn’t have any hobbies outside of sport yet I did have a scrapbook where I collected nice images. One day I simply decided I would take the pictures instead of cut them out. My Father was a photographer in the Royal Rhodesian Airforce and my Mother was a hairdresser so perhaps it was just in the genes. In 1997 I enrolled at The Brisbane College of Photography & Art and become one of their most successful students. As soon as I graduated I started working at Starshots (Australia best makeover/glamour studio at the time). It is at Starshots I learnt all about studio photography & about making people over and I absolutely loved it – still do. In 2002 I opened my first makeover photography studio named The Look Photography on the Sunshine Coast for 3 years. I couldn’t find makeup artists with the same eye as me so I learnt
makeup artistry & to this day I still complete the makeup artistry for my clients. Coming from the film era, we had to get the photos right within the camera without photoshop so makeup, beautiful light & relaxed style has become my trademark in this digital era. Above playing with beautiful natural light & all things creative, I thrive on hearing people’s stories, I love immersing myself in their life and what’s happened to shape them into the person they are and the camera is just a way to break down that barrier. Outside of reading personalities my job is to guide you in the right direction with regard to makeup, hairstyles, clothing & locations, I don’t fluff about as time is precious and whilst we’ll have fun, I take you’re investment in my service seriously. My talent is reading people in a very short amount of time and wearing different hats to make them feel comfortable. At 42, travel & life has given me this ability along with a very strong, innate intuition. The majority of photos you see in my gallery are my clients genuine expression as they interact with me – its a wonderful way to show you how I see people through my eyes! Now if you want the fluffed up version, read on or just get on with your exciting day & start thinking about what drives you, what makes your service unique, what makes people want to do business with you & then I’ll bring that to life in all kinds of photos for you!

Nicole Hatherly – Brand Strategist gives a very accurate review of her photo shoot experience:

“Shae Giles excels in bringing a brand, and personal profile, to life. She expertly communicates through photography and visual storytelling that deeply connects a brand with its audience. Shae understands the vital part imagery and photography play in aligning a brand’s vision with its communication.
From the moment you engage Shae in your brand vision, she adds rich value from research to location scouting, venue negotiation, wardrobe advice, and expert direction right through your shoot. She’s also a creative stylist offering impeccable, and natural, hair and makeup services.
As a Brand Strategist, I’ve briefed many brand photographers and creatives, and Shae just gets it. She’s responsive, efficient and one of the loveliest people to spend time with. I highly recommend Shae for any aspect of brand photography, styling and visual communication.” Nicole Hatherly